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We inform our kind customers that Aerbus, the shuttle service from Modena and Reggio to Bologna Airport, will restart after the pandemic from July 6th 2020, with a temporary timetables change due to reduced number of daily flights from airport... (continues)

We wish to inform our kind customers that all Aerbus routes, both Modena and Reggio Emilia ones, will be temporarily suspended - due to delicate national health emergency - from... (continues)

We wish to inform our kind customers that all the Aerbus routes, both from/to Modena and from/to Reggio Emilia, are not suffering any change due to delicate health circumstances in the country. And no... (continues)

Considering the recent health issues in Italy, we wish to remind you that SACA cares about wellness and satisfaction of its customers. Starting from... (continues)

We inform our customers that during December 31th and January 1st Aerbus timetables will vary in this way... (continues)

Black Friday returns! On Friday November 29th you'll be able to receive a 30% discount on EVERY purchase on SACA's booking. You have only to... (continues)

We inform our kind customers that tomorrow, tuesday 5th May, Modena - Aeroporto Marconi Line from 1.30 PM to 6.30 PM will be active only for the following bus stops, due to... (continues)

New SACA logo


From this year SACA’s logo changes its look after 47 years of long story service.

A change that naturally won’t affect the high quality and professionalism behind it, unchanged and always... (continues)

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